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RainCamp's Bringing the Rain to the Desert!


The RainCamp Train's schedule has taken a turn.  Lucky you Arizona!

AZ desert

On Thursday, August 26th, RainCamp will be held at the Prescott Resort and Conference Center in Prescott, Arizona.

If you haven't been to a RainCamp yet, you are missing out!  Real Estate RainCamp is an all day event where you are taught insider information.  Ben Kinney, a Mega Agent will share with you the tools he's using to solidify his success.  These tools are ones you can implement into your daily routine immediately.  It's a new market out there and RainCamp shows you how to stay on top.

Ever wonder how certain agents show up all over the web? Facebook? Twitter?  Become that agent.  Dominate your market.  It's possible and RainCamp will show you exactly how.  You can learn how to maximize your efforts so they sync with today's market.

People are raving about their experiences, check out what past attendees have said:

"They are GIVING away more (SEO) knowledge than I paid $5,000 for in one shot, not to mention the thousands I have spent since then gaining more knowledge. Bob and Ben gave away every piece of information I had paid for in a couple of hours."

Damon Gettier - RainCamp Washington DC
My Thoughts on RainCamp and Who Should Go


"Today I spent an awesome day in San Francisco at Raincamp.  We were bombarded, in a good way, all day with ideas, websites, I think all of them free.........with ways to help build our business"

Rita Sinclair - RainCamp San Francisco
ActiveRain RainCamp


"As someone who has been working internet leads for quite a while, their presentation opened my mind to a multiple possibilities for expanding the business model I use and implementing several new ways to grow my business. I'm definitely convinced that the opportunities for growth are huge."

Dana Voelzke - RainCamp New York City
What I got out of NYC RainCamp


"I'm utilizing several things I learned from RainCamp already. They instantly became part of the daily routine. Ben Kinney did a superb job and for me solidified some marketing ideas I had been considering before I attended the show. Perfect "fit"."

Steve Kappre - RainCamp New York City
RainCamp NYC 2010 - Pictures, Video and a little insight


"I'm a tough sell; moreover, I'm totally ADD and many of the seminars and educational events I've attended have either bored, disappointed, or both. This thing had me engaged the whole time. I'm literally exhausted 2 days later, and all I did was sit for 8 hours!"

Philip J. Faranda - RainCamp New York City
NYC RainCamp 2010


"Attending the raincamp in New York was a blessing. The information was amazing. There are many things that I already knew but, the surprising part was how many other things that are available were introduced to me by raincamp in New York."

Irena Popilevsky - RainCamp New York City
RainCamp in New York


"Speaking to various attendees at the breaks I was struck at the amount that they felt they were getting out of the program. Typically at events such as this you will hear the occasional griping about the program not being what people thought that it would be, but I did not hear that at Raincamp."

Michael Haltman - RainCamp New York City
Experience at New York City RainCamp


"RainCamp delivered! If you are looking for an incredible networking opportunity and an actionable plan to help you maximize your online presence and get business using Social Media venues like Twitter, Facebook and blogging. Attend RainCamp and experience it for yourself!"

Letitia Stevenson - RainCamp New York City
RainCamp NYC 2010 Delivered on ROI



"The bottom line, this was the best out of office day I have ever spent. There was a lot I knew but so much more I did not. The presenters were energetic and more then willing to share tons of information"

Marci Yankelov - RainCamp New York City
How One Email Pushed me Over the Edge and Into the Pouring Rain



If you do one thing for yourself and the growth of your business, make it RainCamp; it's sure to push you to the next level!

Platinum seats for Boston sold out quickly and Arizona is sure to follow.  Don't delay!

There are two types of tickets: Platinum All Access or Donation only (choose your price). So everyone can make it! Sign up today!

Kerrie Greenhalgh


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