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Fair Housing - Beware of Testers!

REALTOR Beware!  This is an actual recent email dialogue between someone contacting me to list their home, my response, and theirs. 

I received a call from them, secured their email address, and sent them a Market Snapshot from Top Producer, to be followed by a detailed CMA that evening.

I then received the following email:

Fom The Seller

"Thank you for the report. I received your phone message this evening. I will call you on Thursday to get more information from you. Thank you for your prompt response. I would also be interested in knowing the specific ways you would plan to market our property particularly to target the primarily hispanic population/potential buyer in the area. We feel it will be crucial to have information and communication that will be presented in both english and spanish and marketing strategies to monopolize on the foot and road traffic we get from the two schools adjacent to our home. I look forward to hearing your advice."


From Tony Marriott

"Thanks for the confirmation of receipt of both the Market Snapshot and my voicemail message.

A detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) will follow by email this evening, along with marketing information for your review prior to our discussion.

While we will certainly ensure that marketing activities are in both English and Spanish, we are prohibited by the Fair Housing Act (Equal Housing) from "targeting" specific ethnic groups.  For example, we could not advertise the property only in a newspaper printed in Spanish that is popular with a specific ethnic group.  Similarly, we are prohibited from "targeting the primarily Hispanic population/potential buyer in the area" as suggested in your email.

With that understanding, we can market and promote your property to secure a buyer from the marketplace - which includes all prospective Buyers.

I look forward to our discussion tomorrow regarding next steps.

Best Regards"


From The Seller

Silence for five days followed by this email:

"Thank you for your information and time. We decided this week to go with another realtor, but appreciate your response."


Did the Seller get a REALTOR willing to target an ethnic group?  If so, does the REALTOR understand the consequences of their accepting such a listing?  Or was it a government official "testing" us?

Know the rules, obey the rules, and if something seems "unusual" - ask your Broker!

Thoughts from fellow Active Rainers?



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Fair Housing - Beware of Testers!
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