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I read the many reviews blogged here on Active Rain regarding IDX solutions and which is "best".  I met with the owner of Wolfnet at the recent Keller Williams MegaCamp and as a result will be migrating to their service for IDX and other enhanced products.  The price is extremely competitive with the alternatives out there, and some of the features are unique to their product.

Thinking about adding or changing IDX vendors?  Check out wolfnet - and no - I don't get any compensation for promoting the product - I just happen to be really impressed with it and hope to save some of my fellow "rainers" some time ploughing through all the alternatives out there!


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I read the many reviews blogged here on ActiveRain regarding IDX solutions and which is "best". I met with the owner of Wolfnet at the recent Keller Williams MegaCamp and as a result will be migrating to their service for IDX and other… more
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