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What Does it Mean to "Get Business From the Internet?" - the Unanswered Questions

Useful info for those wondering about strategies for capturing business from the Internet.


And fun was had by all (well, I had fun anyway) on Wednesday evening in the SWS Studio! My four esteemed guests, Lenn Harley, Robin Sherman, Karen Rice and Renee Burrows gathered around the virtual table and answered all your questions about how exactly they generate good business from the Internet. Okay, well, that's a lie - they didn't answer ALL your questions - not even close. Even though the show ran the full 90 minutes, I came away with five pages of listener questions we weren't able to get to.

If you missed the show... well... darnit. You can go HERE to see Renee Burrows' recap of the questions asked and how she answered them. Speaking of Renee, you can also go here to learn more about her online strategies, written of course, in her delightfully irreverent style (e.g. "Get Your Blog Freaky and To the Floor"). I plan to hang out there quite a bit today - maybe we'll run into each other.

Anyway, at the end of the show, I promised to post the unanswered questions to my blog and allow my guests (or anyone else who wants to contribute) the opportunity to respond.

So... here we go!

Tom asks: "Where do you find the Google webmaster?" (referenced by Lenn as THE SOURCE for all things Google)

Jenny & Anonymous ask: "How often should you write or post something to your blog?"

Donne asks: "Renee - what are your syndication sources?"

I believe they've connected on this offline, but the rest of us would love to hear, too!

Donne Knudsen comments: "I find that I spend a lot more time and energy converting internet leads compared to the time and energy it takes to convert a referred lead."

Great point! Would love others' thoughts on this. 

Jenny asks: "Do any of the speakers hire out their online lead generation work or do they do it all personally?"

Nathaniel asks: "Is internet marketing targeted towards brokers only or can real estate sales persons take advantage of marketing on the net without any conflict from the broker?"

Doug asks: "Can we see some examples of good real estate blogs?"

Here are the blogs of our speakers who blog, but please feel free to add to this list!

Renee Burrows:
Karen Rice:
Lenn Harley: 

Phyllis asks: "Other than Active Rain, where do you post your blogs?"

Anonymous asks: "Based on the leads that come online and register - how long will you stay in contact with them - 1,2,3,4 months? .... Before they actually buy... at what point do you give up on someone?"

Ruthmarie asks: "Regarding pay-per-click, did using pay-per-click help you get your site/blog established? Or did the results go away once you stopped using it? In other words - can I use PPC to establish my site and then stop and continue to see results?"

We had a lot of questions about IDX and although we tried, I'm not sure we answered them satisfactorily for many in the audience. The main question was "What's the best IDX" or "What IDX do the speakers recommend?" Our answer was that it depends on your local MLS as to what IDX(s) is/are available to you, and whether or not your board even allows broker reciprocity. Some attendees commented that their broker don't allow individual agents to have an IDX on their websites. Any thoughts or comments on this?

On a related note, Vickie asks: "I'm an agent with the largest real estate brokerage in the metro Kansas City area. Every agent has a personal web page with IDX. What would you recommend I do to stand out & drive business to my site?"

GREAT question!!!

Dolores asks: "Do you recommend showing or not showing the property address on your IDX feed site?"

Dixie asks: "What quanity of leads do the participants receive on monthly basis? What percentage turn into closings?"

Kevin asks: "What about successes with specific targeting of small markets or is your focus broad based in larger geographic areas?"

Nishika asks: "How important are the graphics (maps, stats, charts) used in blogs? Any recommendations on vendors who create them?"

Tonda asks: "Is Karen using her personal facebook or does she have a business fan page?"

Jenny asks: "Do you update the information on your websites on a regular basis?"

Maureen asks: "Do you recommend using your own name for your real estate website?"

Karoline asks:  "What one thing would you say makes your website a success in gaining business from the website?" and related: "What do you find reaps the biggest reward for your time, updating the website, blogging,etc....?"

If you'd like to respond (and please do!) to any or all of these questions, just copy & paste 'em to your comment. Feel free to add links to your heart's content if they're helpful in the context.





Jennifer Allan, GRI

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