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Howard Brinton Star Power Annual Conference

Star Power

Along the lines of my post yesterday on Sell-a-bration, another event we are contemplating is Howard Brinton's Annual "Star Power" Conference held in Phoenix Arizona in 2007.  The registration increases by a couple of hundred dollars on December 31, 2006 - so we ought to make a decision before that. 

We have not been able to find an agenda for the conference - so have referred back to what we could find about the 2006 conference, which I have posted below.

For those of you who have attended previous Star Power Conferences, is this fairly typical agenda?

How would you rate the value of attending in person versus purchasing the sessions on CD?

Any and all input greatly appreciated! 


·  Advanced DISC Applications

·  Brokers and Managers - Part I

·  Brokers and Managers - Part II

·  Building Your Brand

·  Chris Bird's Financial Planning Tips 2006

·  Chris Bird's TAX UPDATE 2006

·  Clients for Life

·  Detecting and Preventing Mortgage Fraud

·  Effective Team Leadership

·  Exit & Succession Strategies

·  FSBOs

·  Getting the Listing Every Time

·  Going BIG - 200 and Beyond

·  High-End, Luxury, and Resort Marketing

·  Introduction to DISC Personality Types

·  Lead Generation Mastery

·  Life Balance

·  Madison Avenue Branding on Realtor Budgets

·  Must-Have Tech Tools

·  Negotiating Magic

·  New Agents: Going From Zero to 50 Units

·  Second in Command

·  Small Teams

·  Ultimate Systems

·  Wealth Building

·  Web Sites 101

·  Web Sites 202: Advanced Techniques

Advanced DISC Applications

Take your understanding of the diversity in personality types to a whole new level. From marketing efforts and working with prospective clients to team interaction and more, learn successful methods to enrich your business and personal life.

STAR Instructors:

Demetria Chadbourne

Bill Minett

Mike Watkins

Wendy Shaw

Terri Lynne McNaughton

Debbie Morris

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Brokers and Managers - Part I

Being a broker/manager today involves a very proactive and hands-on approach to the process. The first session will cover successful methods of recruiting, training how-to's, and tips for keeping great agents over time.

STAR Instructors:

Bruce Mulhearn

John Bendall

Leslie Edwards

Jana Caudill

Lee & Noel Bittinger

Bruce Hardie

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Brokers and Managers - Part II

Producing agents are, of course, your primary income stream. Benefit your agents and yourself by establishing roads for additional services that give your agents one-stop shopping to offer their clients and that give you additional revenue models.

STAR Instructors:

Bruce Mulhearn

John Bendall

Leslie Edwards

Jana Caudill

Lee & Noel Bittinger

Bruce Hardie

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Building Your Brand

Personal branding is important if you want your business to have a lasting presence, and definite salability down the road. Learn how to implement important steps to become memorable and top of mind with your market.

STAR Instructors:

Denny Grimes

Sandra Nickel

Pat Hiban

Kathy Apples

Barbara Brady

Don McNaughton

Chip Collins

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Chris Bird's Financial Planning Tips 2006

Get an overview of the financial planning issues that all successful REALTORS® must address. As an added bonus, Chris Bird and STAR POWER Star Michael Maher will share how to use your IRAs to invest in real estate - fabulous knowledge to use for your personal wealth-building and to share with your clients!

STAR Instructors:

Chris Bird

Michael Maher

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Chris Bird's TAX UPDATE 2006

Take a look at the latest tax changes and how they impact the choices you're making in business, as well as review the tax issues that continue to save you big tax dollars.

STAR Instructors:

Chris Bird

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Clients for Life

Customer service doesn't end when the property closes; that's only the beginning! Strengthen your relationships with past clients and customers, and your referral business will be a steady stream of income for years! Get great ideas on how market to, stay in contact with, and retain your clients.

STAR Instructors:

Janet Parsons

Nate Martinez

Terry Moerler

Linda Domis

Carl Fischer

Derek Evelo

Sheri Maher

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Detecting and Preventing Mortgage Fraud

Growing at an alarming rate, mortgage fraud is putting not only consumers in harm's way, but mortgage companies, title companies, real estate attorneys, and yes, even the real estate agent. Don't run the risk of being implicated - learn what you need to watch for now and how to take action.

STAR Instructors:

Ralph Roberts

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Effective Team Leadership

You got into real estate to help clients buy and sell homes. As your business has grown, you've developed a team in order to be able to deliver consistent service to that growing client base. Learn how to keep that team running like a well-oiled machine, with the administrative team, the buyer specialists, and even the listing specialists working in harmony with you and each other.

STAR Instructors:

Tammy Fadler

Tom Pendergast

Linda Gaspard

Julia Shildkret

Ray McCarthy

Denny Bishop

Wes Mullinax

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Exit & Succession Strategies

Whether you are looking to sell your business, transition it to a team member or family member, or you must want to make your business more salable, this session will give you the ins and outs of what it takes to get your business into "purchase worthy" condition.

STAR Instructors:

Debbie Yost

Tim Baker

KC Butler

Barry Ezerski

Graham Glauser

Wendy Harris

Vicki Nellis

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STAR Instructors:

Sid Lezamiz

Leslie Edwards

Brian Maecker

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Getting the Listing Every Time

Looking to improve your conversion ratio of listing appointments to listings taken? Position yourself to be at choice as to whether you take the listing, instead of being at the mercy of the seller. At least three different styles will be presented.

STAR Instructors:

Ron Kubek

Russell Shaw

Alexis Bolin

Tom Randall

Gail Bass

Melissa Crockett Willis

Martin Bouma

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Back by Popular Demand!
Going BIG - 200 and Beyond

For Rainmaker agents who've decided to grow their business to landmark levels, this session will give you the strategies that have helped some of North America's top teams profitably reach 250, 300, 350... even 400 or more transactions.

STAR Instructors:

Sid Lezamiz

David Crockett

Pam Marion

Sherry Wilson

Nikki Ubaldini

Rachel DeHanas

John Smith

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High-End, Luxury, and Resort Marketing

Looking to target the upper price range in your market? Or are you in or near a resort community that you'd like to target? Get powerful tips on servicing these lucrative niche markets.

STAR Instructors:

Connie Erickson

Earle Whitmore

Fred Leonard

Sandy Raines-Cadieux

David Burke

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Back by Popular Demand!
Introduction to DISC Personality Types

Educating yourself about how people's personalities carry different styles is referred to as social intelligence. Get the basics on the four types, then get tips on how to distinguish what others are, how to adapt based on your own style, and how to enhance your presentation and service to meet their respective needs.

STAR Instructors:

A. J. Fischer

Craig Lerch, Jr.

Diane Stow

Martha McCaskill

Mike Ellis

Sandee Williams

Lila Feingold

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Lead Generation Mastery

One of the most often-asked questions we get is, "How do I generate more business?" This session will give you specific, hands-on help in how to generate more leads in order to grow and expand, year after year, even when the market is "slowing down."

STAR Instructors:

Zac Pasmanick

Cathie Harney

Les Walden

Kellee Heldoorn

Michael Maher

Jeff Meyer

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Life Balance

If your kids don't recognize you, if your significant other/spouse is fed up with the long hours you put in, if every conversation is about real estate, if you are burned out and ready to quit... HELP IS HERE for all you workaholics! Come claim your life back in this session.

STAR Instructors:

Beth Mason

Linda Sandlin

Tom Cain

Glenda Williamson

Terry McDaniel

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Madison Avenue Branding on Realtor Budgets

Want to get noticed? Increase average sale price? Be respected like a professional? Make changes without loosing clients? Make the phones ring? Attract quality people? More listings. . .More listings. . . More listings? ALL of these things can be achieved with one word: Brand. Lulu Strategy teaches proven techniques to accomplish all these goals while saving time and money. We guarantee that branding is not what you think.

Click here to register for this event by visiting Lulu Strategy's website.

Special Instructor:
Erin Wright - Lulu Strategy, Inc.

STAR Instructors:

Craig Lerch, Jr.

Buddy West

Tom Randall

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Must-Have Tech Tools

With the vast amount of technology available to the real estate industry today, how do you decide what you need and what you don't? These Stars will share what's working for them, what they'd recommend every agent have to be operating at maximum efficiency and profitability.

STAR Instructors:

Joseph Brazen

Sam Miller

Stanley Mills

Darryl Baskin

Brett Ellis

Christine Cura

Craig Hartranft

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Back by Popular Demand!
Negotiating Magic

Successful agents master the ability to negotiate a win-win for buyers and sellers. These negotiating masters have brought years of sales mastery together to offer you tips and strategies that will vastly enhance your negotiating capabilities!

STAR Instructors:

Roy Claytor

Martha Hendrick

Nancy Jenkins

Lorraine Leonard

Roddy McCaskill

Brian Maecker

Ann Bishop

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New Agents: Going From Zero to 50 Units

New to the business? Hit the ground running! Yes, you can make money your first year in real estate, and these agents will tell you what's worked for them to generate six-figure incomes in year one.

STAR Instructors:

Ed Birdsong

Chester Harvey

Buddy West

Paul Maranger

Dan Harker

Leslie McDonnell

Bonnie Mullinax

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Second in Command

This session walks you through the steps of successfully empowering a team, from job descriptions and systems to interviewing and hiring the right people, incentives and rewards, and more.

STAR Instructors:

Sande Ellis

Rodney Shine

Amber Parrish

Greg Addeo

Lois Maljak

Lisa O'Neill

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Small Teams

Yes, you can have monumental success and an incredible bottom line without growing a large team! These Stars will share how it's not only possible, but highly profitable, with the use of fantastic systems, outsourcing, and more.

STAR Instructors:

Debra Duvall

Gayle Henderson

Brenda Rawls

Rosemary Horner

Chip Neumann

Tony Garufi

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Ultimate Systems

How many times have you said, "If we could just get some of these things automated and systematized, we'd be set"? Meet a group of Stars who make the implementation of systems manageable, and will help you determine where systems are needed and what to do to get them up and running.

STAR Instructors:

Jack DeHanas

Alan Sandlin

Randi Brazen

Connie Salazar

Martha & Peyton Gentry

Mike Grein

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Wealth Building

What are you doing with the revenue you're generating? What do you have to show for those long hours? Discover how the Stars are putting their hard-earned commission dollars to work to ensure a worry-free financial future.

STAR Instructors:

Tami Spaulding

Jeff Scislow

Kristan Cole

Paul Chiolo

Richard Bass

Bryan Jackson

Scott McDermott

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Web Sites 101

If you're in the earlier phases of developing a personalized Web site, this class is for you. Learn what you need to know about the Internet consumers of today.

STAR Instructors:

Marsha Sell

Cathy Russell

Steve Westmark

Fred Haywood

Ronald Campbell

Pat Wattam

Stephanie Evelo

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Web Sites 202: Advanced Techniques

Are you ready to take your Web sites and the business you generate from them to the next level? These Stars will share the tips and tricks that are working for them and help you find ways to maximize the right kinds of leads you receive and then increase your conversion rates when the leads come into your office.

STAR Instructors:

Galand Haas

Jo Ellen Nash

Greg Gorman

Marilyn Kohn

Patrick Watkins

Mike Parker

Rob Levy






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