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How to get where you are going! Part 1 of 2

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Strategic Plan - Part 1


The importance of having a well thought out Strategic Plan for your business cannot be overstated.  It documents the destination you are striving for, and without knowing "where you want to go" it's impossible to draw a map get there!


This two part blog post documents our Strategic Plan, with links to a glossary of terms as well as other blog posts worth reviewing on the topic.

I hope all of you reading these posts will find something, if only one thing, that sparks a thought and contributes to your success!





We believe that our success in real estate is a direct result of valuing people first.  We will continue to grow in Arizona, nationally and internationally and in that process will invite those who share our belief of extraordinary service to join us.  We strive to add value in every real estate transaction, to develop and maintain relationships, which create the maximum level of value for our customers through our services and performance.


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Our vision is to be the exception rather than the norm in the real estate industry - a company that is service oriented rather than transaction oriented with agents who are client focused, rather than deal focused.



In our individual conduct and in our personal relationships, we value: 

  • Integrity and ethical behavior at all times
  • Acceptance of full responsibility and accountability for our actions
  • Direct communication that permits and encourages healthy disagreement
  • Resolving differences in a mutually supportive and positive way
  • Equal treatment of all employees, contractors and clients

In our professional responsibilities, we value:

  • Individual and team effectiveness in solving problems
  • Exceptional responsiveness to client needs
  • Quality training and commitment to personal and professional growth
  • Flexibility in adapting to change
  • Innovation, creativity, and reasoned risk taking
  • A methodical approach to problem solving
  • Responsible and creative management of all our resources
  • Excellence and continued improvement in all we do

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Achieve $30 million in annual GCI with $15 million in profits

Achieve total team of 600 members, with appropriate levels of support staff

Maintain a net profit rate equal to or better than the best world class teams in our industry

Have a comprehensive business development plan

Develop an International presence in the UK

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Have a management team capable of meeting our strategic objectives

Build the team based on the MREA model

Safety & Security

Have a safety and security conscious, injury free team


Have web based, paper-free standardized cost management and financial systems

Have web based, paper-free standard operating procedures


Have a comprehensive career development program

Achieve an employee turnover rate less than 5%

Define and communicate organizational roles, responsibilities, and expectations for all employees

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Human resources

Partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) such as Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) to serve as our Human Resources Department


Have state of the art computers and peripheral equipment and use leading edge web based applications

Have a formal written technology development and implementation plan


Maintain zero errors and omissions claims

Maintain compliance with federal, state, local and company regulations

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We rely on information collected and provided by RL Brown and Elliot Pollack, as well as industry sources and mainstream media.



Being based in Phoenix we rely on the forecasts of continued job and population growth to continue to drive the number of residential real estate transactions


Demand for professional, high quality, real estate services will remain strong, particularly in the market niches of luxury homes, second homes and resort properties and corporate relocation / referral relocation.


That the market will at least remain stable at or near current levels, with continued growth increasing in 2008 and beyond


The competition will continue to embrace, or fail to embrace, the growth and integration of technology in the real estate industry.  Those that embrace and integrate it will survive and prosper; those that don't will eventually become extinct.  A significant number of people currently in the industry have been for many years, and will be departing over the next 5-10 years.  They are being replaced by some tech savvy new agents, but for the most part by agents who exit the business within a year.

Click here to go to The Marriott Group Keller Williams Realty Professional Partners Strategic Plan - Part 2


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If you are considering a Traditional or Short Sale of your home in Phoenix, Scottsdale or any location in Maricopa County Arizona, you owe it to yourself to talk with Haven Express @ Keller Williams Arizona Realty to determine whether Tony and Suzanne Marriott are the best real estate Brokers in the Phoenix and Scottsdale metropolitan area to help you with the Successful Sale of your home.

Tony and Suzanne have personally Listed, Sold and Closed more than a hundred Short Sales with the highest list to close rate in the Phoenix Metro Area!

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