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Morons? Idiots? Both?

The following is an example of what really annoys me:

LONDON-A pair of Mercedes sedans packed with nails and canisters of propane gas was apparently intended to bring Baghdad-style carnage to the heart of London's theater district early Friday (June 29, 2007) morning. Miraculously, both car bombs failed to detonate.

Here is a link if you want the full scoop

As some of you know, I spent my formative years (9-17) in London, and Suzanne and I enjoy heading over there whenever we can to enjoy the culture.

London Bus BombWe were there for the London Bus Bombing in 1996 - our favorite restaurant "The Lugger" happened to be closed that day which is the only reason we weren't right in the middle of the melee - the bus exploded 30 yards from the restaurant.

Now we have yet another group of cowardly, ignorant knuckleheads (who would s**t their drawers if they ran into Jack Bauer of "24" fame) trying once again to make some obscure statement understood only by them by attempting to kill and maim innocent civilians.  If it wasn't so dangerous it would be farcical.

Every time one of these incidents occurs it reminds me of 9/11 - the day the world ended for thousands in the USA - and the day that some of us on the way back from the UK were diverted to Halifax, Nova Scotia for 5 days.

I dare anyone to find something good to say about these morons and their inane attempts to get their 15 minutes of fame at the expense of someone else's life.  One of these days they are going to really annoy someone with zero tolerance for their behavior - and I wouldn't want to be them when that happens.  When - if ever - will they "get it"?

If their cause is so "right" - perhaps they should try blogging to spread the word?

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Morons? Idiots? Both?
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