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Beat the Spammers!

If you're like me you are probably getting about:

  • 75-100 EFlyers per day
  • 60-100 Spam Emails per day
  • 50-100 Emails that you WANT to receive

What's the solution to wasting a significant chunk of time wading through unwanted emails?

One product I've found - and my father (the Nuclear Physicist / Computer Programmer) has tested and given the thumbs up (not an easy award to get from him for tech products!) is CA Anti-Spam - formerly known as Qurb

(To avoid any confusion, this has nothing to do with Prince formerly know as the Artist formerly known as Prince.)

It operates on the "white list" principle - accepting emails from your white list address book and storing ALL others in a SPAM folder for you to review at your leisure and either add to your address book - or NOT!

It offers a free 30 day trial and was extremely simple to download, install and integrate into Outlook Express.  Any other White List Anti-Spam Software Solutions out there for consideration.


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Beat the Spammers!
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