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2014 News Headline: Resale Housing Market Difficult Transition For Many Real Estate Pro’s.

Don't know how this gem got overlooked - excellent look ahead and commentary on a mind set that could destroy the property managers - I mean REO agents - business when the market finally returns to "normal".


In a time not too far away……..

It’s November 2014. It’s over!  Our economy has finally recovered.  I can’t believe what we just went through.  It seems like only yesterday, back in 2010, when almost 80% of the Arizona housing market was dominated by bank owned or short sales.  Unbelievable.  I am a business development manager for a national title insurance company in Phoenix Arizona,  I help real estate professionals get found on the Internet.

No more bank owned, no more short sales, our housing market and our economy are healthy again.  I remember those days back in 2010 when the bank owned agents were the kings of the real estate market.  Many had hundreds of listings from banks.  I would reach out to some of them and most would say the were “too busy”.  Sad. Sad for them, consumers again have a choice of who they work with.  The market is great!  Everyone is happy!  Except those agents that neglected their databases, those that didn’t invest in a strong online presence, or those that focused only on REO or Short Sale. 

We need to keep them in our prayers during this difficult time.










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