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Plagiarism Is Not An Acceptable Art Form

Matt provides commentary on a very important topic.

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Cut, copy, paste.

I logged on this morning to read through the news (I'm trying to make a bit more effort to get back here more often) and was running through the featured articles, when I saw it.  I was sure I was having a weird case of deja vú or something.  I ran off to my Twitter account to check a recently favorited article on Inman news.  My check only confirmed what I suspected.  Word for word plagiarism.  I'm still trying to wrestle with the idea of it.  No source attribution, no comment that it was borrowed from somewhere else, nothing.

I always thought it was more of a subtle problem - less of a copy word for word and more of a copy it concept for concept while rearranging a few things to make it seem like you wrote it yourself.

I don't want to seem too high on my horse about this, but seriously?  Without a single mention of who or where it came from?  Copying a news article takes two seconds, but so does adding a bit of attribution.

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