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Powerpoint, Google Maps & Localism: What A Useful Combination For Real Estate!

Another excellent post from Mike Jones - once again providing a guide book that save's us all time and research.

Map of this morning's drive to Agua Caliente Park in Tucson

I'm always looking for ways to illustrate my topic with visual images.  The reason?  We think visually ~ in images, and an image conveys immediate understanding in a way that words alone cannot.

This morning, I'm hiking in Agua Caliente Park.  It's an hours' drive across Tucson from my home in the Tucson Mountains.  I'll be photoblogging about it later, and I'll want my readers to have a sense of the physical and ecological context of the photos.

Google Maps will provide the tools I need for my Localism readers to understand what I want to convey:

  • Where the park is located
  • What the surrounding terrain is like
  • How they can get there from anywhere in or around Tucson


TUTORIAL:  How to make a map like this for your Real Estate business:

Use this method to bring people to you ~ to your open house, your listing,
a favorite restaurant in your town or city ~ in short,
to any place you want your reader to find.

Step by step

1.  Google your destination.  I googled "Agua Caliente Park Tucson."

2.  Click "Get Directions."

3.  Zoom in and out until you have the map level of detail that you want.

4.  Use Snagit or Print Screen to capture and save your image as a .jpeg file.

The fun part:

5.  Open Microsoft Powerpoint to a blank slide.

6.  Import your picture, and size it to fit the screen.

7.  Using the powerful tools available in Powerpoint, give the image a border, add text boxes, photos, word art, etc. to create the final image.   (You can bring any element of the final image forward or backward until you're satisfied with the final result.)

8.  Once again, use Snagit or Print Screen to crop your final image and save it in a folder.  Since I started blogging for Localism, I've created Community Folders to organize my images.

That's it!  Go forth and blog!

EDIT:  I used this method to create my AR Profile Photo with the signature.


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