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So you're a Short Sale Expert? Not so fast...

Another well written perspective on the need to be qualified and experienced if you are going to handle Short Sales.

I can't hold it in any longer!

Are any of my "Professional" peers blown away by the number of newbie agents (or agents licensed for years who have listed and sold less than a dozen houses) who post on Active Rain and elsewhere online CLAIMING to be "Short Sale Experts"?

Not only are they misleading the public by claiming to be experts, they may end up costing an unsuspecting homeowner a Foreclosure due to their lack of experience in negotiating short sales with lien holders.  Most recently, an agent in my own city (who is employed with an out-of-town brokerage) has posted as a short sale expert, yet has ZERO active listings on the local MLS and only 4 successfully closed listings in the past 5 years (NONE OF WHICH WERE SHORT SALES AND ONE OF WHICH WAS HIS OWN HOME).  I'm currently negotiating 11 short sales, with 2 approvals just last week, so when I see an agent who doesn't have a single listing claiming to be a short sale expert, my B.S. alarm goes off.

The first dead giveaway was that this agent didn't know the bank requirements for a short sale package and yet was posting a list for potential short sale owners to follow.

If you are a homeowner considering a short sale agent, please cover yourself by asking for approval letters from a few short sales which the agent has listed & negotiated.  If possible, work directly with a Real Estate Broker, which typically requires additional schooling and real estate agent experience requirements.

If you contact me by phone or email and let me know who your lien holder(s) is, I will be happy to forward you the Short Sale Instruction Page for your specific lien holder(s).  This way, you'll know what YOUR bank expects of you.  As always, you are under no obligation to me by contacting me for a consultation.  I want you to feel comfortable that you've made the right decision.

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Cameron Novak, Corona Real Estate Agent
Cameron Novak

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