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The Gas Man Cometh

Flanders and Swann created some classic pieces of British comedy some 60 years ago - and this piece - The Gas Man Cometh seems fitting for a current transaction we're tugging across the finish line.


One of our Phoenix area Short Sale listings - this one a Buckeye Short Sale Listing - is presenting an unusual hurdle to be jumped prior to close of escrow.

Pursuant to A.A.C. R18-9-A316: Transfer of Ownership Inspections for On-site Wastewater Treatment facilities: an inspection of the septic system is required within 6 months prior to the transfer to the new owner, and must be filed within 15 days after close of escrow.

The issue here is simple.

The current owner (Short Sale Seller) poured a huge slab of concrete next to the house - which covers the septic systems access amongst other things.

So - we need the plans to find the access point.

A contractor needs to cut the concrete.

The septic inspector needs to do the inspection.

The contractor needs to create a permanent "cap" so the septic system can be accessed in the future.

THEN we can close escrow!!


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The Gas Man Cometh
Flanders and Swann created some classic pieces of British comedy some 60 years ago - and this piece - The Gas Man Cometh seems fitting for a current transaction we're tugging across the finish line. &… more
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