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Don't Send Contracts In JPG Format!!!!

PLEASE don't send contracts in jpg format! That is for PHOTOS NOT CONTRACTS! I have been working with a certain new agent (new meaning less than a year in the business, so REALLY new) and am constantly getting pages of contracts and addendum forwarded to me in jpg format! They are almost impossible to read when you go to print them out!

I have informed this agent of the problem and the response was that computer access was only available at the office! WHAT? You don't have a computer in your home office? No scanner? Nothing? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THIS BUSINESS??? Without the proper equipment you can't do your job!!!! Imagine a dentist working without a drill or compound to fill teeth!

In ANY business you need the appropriate tools! In real estate you need a computer, scanner, printer, fax, cell phone, business cards, signs, a website - and the list goes on! But to say you don't have computer access unless you drive to the office and you only go there a couple of times a week, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

I mentioned filling the forms out online and getting electronic signatures but I could have just as easily been speaking Greek! I don't understand how this person's broker can accept contracts that are so difficult to read that you have to guess at what is there! And the title company - that they accept this! I don't think this was the first deal that was handled with jpg formated forms.

It is now clear to this agent that I won't accept jpg format nor will my clients. If it cannot be easily read it won't get a signature! Simple as that! My job is to protect my client and asking them to sign something that is not legible is NOT something I will do!


Thanks for listening to my rant!



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