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Google Doesn't Care How Many Friends You Have On Active Rain

I was speaking to a Realtor® today and we began talking about Active Rain. They have an account but are rarely on it. They began with enthusiasm, but soon felt out of place and felt their clever, wonderful posts were being overlooked by the "big names" (you know who you are). I have to agree that there is an inner circle of sorts....but it's a very welcoming friendly one. But I didn't want to try and convince this agent to keep trying to belong to the Active Rain group.....but rather the point is:

Google Doesn't Care How Many Friends You Have On Active Rain!!!!

The search engines don't notice who comments on your posts, nor even if there are comments. Google hasn't bothered to index only the featured posts, nor checked to see how many subscribers you have. Even the much-touted points are lost on Bing.

What Google and the rest of the search engines take notice of is content. Your content!! That's it!




We all like to be liked....and the points certainly appeal to our competitive nature (we are outside salespeople after all)....but if this was just a social club, then it would be a giant waste of valuable business time. Active Rain is a Google-magnet! Write for business, for the potential client who is searching for expertise that you have.

"But I write my posts and they rotate through the blog roll so fast that no one even notices them."




 Well....Google will find them, Bing will find them will find them.....if you write them correctly! And the beauty of Active Rain is that there are plenty of blog posts giving you the needed tips to write them correctly. So remember what you joined Active Rain for in the first place, more exposure, Google-juice, and more business. Regardless of how popular you are in at Active Rain, Google won't care, it will index you anyway! :)


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