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Once Again Active Rain "Fixes" Something that Wasn't Broken !

Tonight I signed on to Active Rain... I was on several times already today and this were "normal", but now... ONCE AGAIN... the dear sweet folks at Active Rain have chosen to "FIX" something what WAS NOT BROKEN.

The state line-ups... that used to feature the Number One and Number Two Rainers at the top of the page, and then... underneath the two of them... came number three, number four, and so on... all being written up with their picture, their number of points, and their description of them and/or their businesses.

NOW... that has changed.  NOW... instead of it appearing any EVERYONE matters... only the TOP TWO matter... and everyone else gets shunted to the right side of the page... looking like an afterthought.  Many of those... number three and onward... are missing their pictures.

Talk about lessening motivation... SHEESH.

Having an Active Rain line-up that ONLY honors the top two in the state, or the top two in a given county... I am sorry.  It looks pitiful.  Sorry to complain, but I have gone through great pains to work my way up to Number Five in Texas.  Earlier today, that accomplishment was shown.  Now... tonight... it is pretty-much blown off.

Currently in Texas... Jason Crouch is Number One, Donna Harris is Number Two... and that is IT.  Shuttled off to the side... with little mini barely recognizable pictures... are Number Three, Gary Woltol, Number Four, Loreena Yeo, and myself at Number Five, with Marchel Peterson at Number Six, Steve Shatsky at Number Seven, Cindy Bryant at Number Eight, Greg Nino at Number Nine, Trey Thurmond at Number Ten... and so one.  But... NO write-up... Nothing !

All of these Active Rainers have worked their tails off... both for the business Active Rain brings, AND for the recognition of their peers.  You have taken that sign of Reconition... Active Rain... and tossed it out the window.

My dear friends... you "Big Guys" at Active Rain.  You have really ticked off an awful lot of your members.  An awful lot ! 

If it Ain't Broke... Don't Fix it !

Active Rain... please put it back the Way It Was !  It Wasn't Broken !

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