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Have You Been Re-Blogged?

More and more people on Activerain are re-blogging other people's posts.  What a compliment that is, to have another blogger "feature" your post on their own blog!

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Note to Activerain Newbies:  When someone clicks on the green "re-blog" button in the upper right hand corner of your post, it effectively creates a legal "cut and paste" of that post to their blog without violating copyright law.  For more information, read Midori Miller's posts Yeah, Baby, You Can Re-Blog Mine Anytime and How to Make a Re-Blog Your Own.


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How will you know if/when someone re-blogs your post unless they mention it in a comment?  Unfortunately, re-blogging doesn't show up on your dashboard, which might be the logical place to look. (Hint, hint to the Activerain gurus).

But it DOES show up in your Points Summary in the left column of your dashboard, aka "My Home".


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When you notice that someone has re-blogged your post, why not click through on the link in your Points Summary to leave a comment thanking that individual.  Some people disable comments on a re-blog and say in their introductory remarks that readers should click through to the original post to leave comments - if that has happened, use the Activerain contact button to send a short and simple "Thank you for the re-blog of my post about____"Smiley face

I haven't always done this, but I only recently discovered how to find out when my posts are re-blogged.  Had I known sooner, I certainly would have practiced what I'm preaching here. 

Saying "thank you" for a compliment is just good manners, and what higher compliment can one blogger give another than to re-blog their post.

EDIT:  Thanks to comments received for this post, I learned something new... When you've been re-blogged, a little dot appears below the grayed-out re-blog button.  If you hover over that dot, you'll see who has re-blogged this post, and there's a link to the re-blogged post.  Who knew it was this easy?


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