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190,000 Active Rainers, One by One by One...

Wow!  and to think that when we joined there were far less than 10,000 - maybe about 6,000?

Summer blossoms in the desert: Mike in Tucson

One makes a difference!  Mike in Tucson190,000 Active Rainers!  That's where we'll be by next week.  That blows me away!  And we did it one by one.

One by one by one by one...  Just like that August field in the photo above, watered by summer rain and blanketed with sunshine.

Does one make a difference?

These are difficult times.  Difficulty can bend our focus inward, and that's not good. It's not how we're made to function in this life.  We're made for each other.

Discouragement makes me think small.  "I'm just one person, one blogger, one insignificant vote."

When I'm discouraged, I ask the wrong questions.  So do you.  We ask "What difference does it make if..."  You finish the sentence. 

  • ...if I don't reach out and comment today on someone's blog?
  • ...if I don't blog myself?
  • ...if I don't make that phone call?

The implied answer is that it makes no differenceAnd that's just wrong!


Shout it out loud!  Call someone up and tell them they made a difference today for you!  Don't email.  Connect!  Call your client.  Call your lender.  Call your REALTOR.  Call your boss.

Encouragement strengthens both the encourager and the person receiving the attention you provide in the moment.  Encouragement is the rain that makes beauty happen in your life and in your business.

190,000 Active Rain Bloggers

We're 190,000 strong, and Google notices

I got a phone call from a soldier in Iraq yesterday.  He found me on the internet, and he has a need I can fill.  That phone call wouldn't have happened if it weren't for YOU, blogging in the Rain, opening your petals to the sky and announcing "Here I Am!" 

For that, I thank you!  ...and you!  ...and you!  ...and you!  ...and you!  ...and you!  ...and you!


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