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Page 4...The "Devil Is In The Details"

Yesterday I wrote about "Page 3".


Today we turn to Page 4, The "devil is in the details"


Yesterday, I corresponded with West Press about fine tuning pricing for the next two months mailpieces.


We had already agreed on the overall pricing for a 2 months supply (400 mailpieces), and had a credit applied to that amount for components we had already produced.


However - it's not over until...


One item not considered had to do with an insert into the mailpiece that held other components in place.


Initially, West Press was including the material in the total price - and they still are - however - our "specifications" require cutting this material to a specific size - which incurs more work on their part.


So - the overall total price increased by $120.



Still very reasonable.


So - when contemplating a fairly sophisticated mailpiece being produced and assembled on your behalf by a print vendor, understand that it is a "process" to get from initial discussion, to precise specifications and instructions, and to final pricing.  


It's important to take the time to do it "right" - not "rushed" - however eager you are to launch!


Tomorrow we head for Tucson again - to review "proofs" of printed and assembled mailpieces, dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s, and move things forward for launch by Westpress early next week.


Next post on this will be Saturday - since we'll be on the road for about 4 hours tomorrow!


Stay tuned!



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