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Are You a Person That Gives Back? How Can You Give Back To AR? Here Are Some Ways



Are You a Person That Gives Back?  How Can You Give Back To AR? 

Here Are Some Ways:


  • Write content that you want people to read.  The "behind the scenes" work has already been done to support a high placement on Google.  Is the blog that you're written one that you want your clients or the public to find?  Because if it's a public post, lots of people are going to read it, people that you will never know about....  I am continually amazed at people that say, "I read your blog."  They don't comment, but they do read.  Past clients, future clients, those that are thinking about being a client, your grown children, and let's not forget your in-laws (or maybe you call them your out-laws).


  • Invite others to join.  I've called to make sure that it's Ok to send an invitation... consequently my official invites are few. if I could log the invitation phone calls it would look a lot better.


  • Encourage everyone that you get the opportunity to do so.  We all need encouragement and you can make a difference in people's lives by how you operate in relation to what they are doing online in their blog etc.  You don't have to lie... but you should be able to find a way to encourage regardless of whether they are flying high with their efforts or are desperately in need of some positive feedback. When You, as an Active Rain Member encourage others,  it makes the network smell better... :)


  • Blog and comment consistently. .  .  Google loves fresh content on a domain and even though it's your blog with your name etc... when you blog on with fresh content you are helping not only your blog but helping the domain


  • Report spam profiles when you find them so they can be deleted. 


  • Report spam comments.. now for this one you'll get points, so even though you're paying back when you do it, AR is paying back to you. 


  • Play nice in the sandbox.  If you don't play nice and you get called down for it, don't respond with something that says, "I'll take my toys and go home."  Be mature.  It's a public sandbox!

  • Use the Suggest button for those posts that you believe should be on the main page of Active Rain for whatever reason. 


  • Make a phone call or two.. to encourage members.. newbies, tell others how much you appreciate their posts, or tell the AR staff what a great job they are doing

I'm getting tired and sleepy... want to add to my list?  Feel free to add your "pay back" philosophy, or ideas on how to pay it forward on AR. 



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