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Active you trying to break up with me?...sniff


If at first you don't succeed...beg! :-)


Dear Active Rain,

I've been blogging my little heart out for the last several weeks thinking that maybe...just maybe...I would get featured again.  I haven't been featured in awhile and have started to wonder.  When you're dating and the guy stops calling or stops calling you "sweet thang" kinda think that maybe he's losing interest.  So...Powers of AR...are you trying to break up with me?  Was it something I said...or didn't?

I noticed thatMichael Thorton keeps getting featured.  I am now fairly certain that it's his new flashy pictures.  So...I had my sister do a couple for know...just so you'll look at me again.  Of course, I wanted to use characters that truly depicted I chose these two:


(When I was five, I had always dreamed of being married to to my sister...and Michael's my "space cadet" dreams...I am Roy's wife). 

I also wanted you to know that I am subscribing to some of the best blogs out Karen Anne Stone 's and Karen Fiddler 's and Deborah Garvin 's and AR's trail blazer, Tim Moncrief.   I have gleaned from their incredible wisdom and flair for writing blogs and implemented some of their best ideas. They have even hinted that they have "suggested"several of my blogs...but alas, I am still being overlooked by you.  sigh...  (Btw, did you notice my effective use of inserting links???)

Crum...I've used catchy titles like:

"If Cukes Could Talk..." and

"I'm good enough...I'm smart enough...and dog gone it...I'm a great Realtor!"  and

"Raise your own laying hens??...Eggs-actly!"

and yet...not a single eyebrow lifted or an honorable mention by you.  It's not like the content wasn't relevant...or inspirational...or incredibly witty...  Maybe it's because I haven't been to Rain Campyet.  I promise...the next time you come to Texas...I'm there.  Like fly on a moth to a a rubberneck-er looking at a bad accident.  You get the picture.  I'm your Active Rain poster child. maybe I'm a little needy.  Is that why you're ignoring me??? What I really want to know is...have you found someone else?  Oh wait...I guess you have.  Those are the ones that are being featured every day.  Well, maybe my pictures will do it for you.  All I really want to know is...

Do you still love me???

Your friend and loyal Rainmaker,


Claire L. Record

"Your Rural Lifestyle Realtor"

Keller Williams Realty--Boerne Hill Country

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