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Do you have Wachovia Loan? Don't wait to do a Short-Sale, big policy change!


For those of you eligible for a Wachovia Fast Track Short Sale... READ THIS!!!


If you have a Wachovia loan in SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, and you're nearing the decision to do a short sale, don't wait.  While Wachovia is still one of the better banks to deal with, things are changing.  Wachovia representaitves are warning us of big policy changes.  It used to be folks would kick into high gear when they finally received the Trustee Sale notice taped to their door.  Now, it may be too late.  Don't wait that long.  

If you want to do a short sale, call 831-335-2100 as soon as possible, or you may be left with no choice but to watch it foreclose. 

Don't worry it is FREE consultation, and you are under no obligation to list your home,  You may be a canidate for a loan modification?  If you are, we have an Associate who will assist you. if your ultimate goal is to avoid a foreclosure and protect your credit score than let's talk today. If you have a Wachovia Loan you need to take specific actions today!

Here's the latest information:

**IF THERE IS A FORECLOSURE SALE DATE SET - WE WILL NO LONGER POSTPONE THAT DATE FOR ANY REASON - if there is an active foreclosure Sale Date we MUST RECEIVE funds no later than 5 DAYS before that Sale Date, also if there is a SALE DATE set we must receive the full package 10 business DAYS prior to that sale date (and again, we will not postpone that date.

If you are SUBMITTING A SHORT SALE PACKAGE on a property that has a SALE DATE SET FOR SEPTEMBER 30th, the SHORT SALE APPROVAL WILL BE ISSUED with an expiration date of SEPTEMBER 25th and we will NOT EXTEND the Short Sale approval or SALE DATE.


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