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Sorry Mr Listing Agent, your SELLER just lost you a Buyer !!!!!


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... how many times does this have to be said !



I had a showing today with a buyer who was SUPER KEEN to see a specific home in my area - based on the listing wording and the pictures ...


But although the listing agent did a terrific job with the online listing presentation, he didn't do such a good job explaining to the SELLER that it is ALWAYS better if sellers are out of the home when a potential buyer comes to view it !


Case in point, today my buyer, who I have shown 12 homes to, loved the sound of this one - and we left it until the last of today's showings because he was sure this would be the one for him.


... however !


When we got to the home, the seller greeted us ... sternly ... and proceeded to 'tail and eye-ball us' every step round the house !


Throw in the fact that the seller's little girl was under our feet at every turn, constantly talking about every single corner, toy, table, bed, and wall color in the house, and at one point refused to let us open the door to her bedroom to see inside, it made it VERY DIFFICULT for my buyer to walk through the home with an objective eye to seeing it as his own home !


I love kids ! I really do ! But I dont love them yelling through the entire house when I'm trying to explain a few things to a potential buyer !! ... at times I literally had to stop talking because the kid was yelling so loud, I couldnt even hear myself speaking !


That along with the private detective seller basically in our back-pockets the entire time, caused my buyer to want to get out of the house quicker than he would have liked, because he was just feeling very uncomfortable !


... now I explained to my buyer that sometimes you need to just tune out sellers as you walk round, but he was put off by the seller so much that he started making excuses about some of the features of the house ... which I think he may have overlooked if we had time to walk freely round the house !!

In short, I think the buyer has been turned off from this house, that he may have really liked !!!!



SO !

... once again !!


Please be reminded to diplomatically let your seller know that it is almost always better if they are NOT in the house when a potential buyer comes by, and if they HAVE to be there, then they should just SMILE AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY !!!!


... please :o)



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