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Don't Just Give Up - Consider a Short Sale in Anthem

While the numbers of Short Sales and REOs in Anthem are way down from the staggering levels following the market crash about 10 years ago, there are still some properties "under water" and some that have received a Notice of Default, the first step in the process that will result in the Trustee's Sale on the courthouse steps.


It's always sad to see people give up and walk away from a home, particularly when alternatives exist which may well be better for them and their lien holders.


We've learned that often those who "opt" to let the home go to foreclosure "by default" often believe that their personal circumstances prevent them from doing a Short Sale.  


Circumstances such as:


Multiple Home Loans


IRS Income Tax Liens


Past Due Child Support


Past Due HOA Fees


...and the list goes on.


In reality, all of the above can be and have been negotiated into successful Short Sales, eliminating not only an Anthem foreclosure on one's credit record, but "curing" other distress into the bargain.


Having successfully closed more than 100 Short Sales over the years, the most recent one being in April 2017, and List to Close ratio in the high 90% range (we don't just "claim" this - we can prove it) we understand how to help distressed Anthem homeowners evaluate their unique situation, and connect them for an inital free consultation with a qualified attorney to determine whether a Short Sale is worth pursuing in their case.


If it is, the outcome is far better for all concerned than allowing the home to go to foreclosure.


We encourage Anthem homeowners who are headed for foreclosure to at least carve out 30 minutes of their time to explore what other options may be available to them - and there are several - that may not be as damaging to their credit and their future ability to purchase another home, whether in Anthem or elsewhere.

A FREE confidential, no obligation consultation costs you nothing, we can meet with you in person at our office or your home, or connect via GoToMeeting online if you prefer.

We NEVER charge you a fee to list and process your Short Sale.

We provide the same FULL SERVICE listing to you that we provide to our "Traditional" Sale clients.

Contact us today to see if we can help!




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